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How Do I Know If My Car Needs New Shocks?

Malfunctions of shock absorbers greatly affect the behavior of the car on the road. Shock absorbers (otherwise known as a damper) provide not only comfort while driving but also safety. Efficient shock absorbers ensure that the tires are in constant contact with the road surface so that wheels do not lose traction even on bumps. Knowing … Read more

Lifespan Of Gasoline And How To Store It Properly

Occasionally, people stock hundreds of liters of gasoline using containers and handy tanks. After all, oil has been stored underground for millions of years, so why can’t fuel be stored for several years? However, this is a popular misconception. Gasoline can deteriorate if the proper storage conditions are not met. Differences in temperature, humidity, and … Read more

Can You Drive With A Bad Catalytic Converter?

In this article, we will discuss whether or not you can drive with a bad catalytic converter. We’ll discuss what it is, what is its function, and why we should think twice before driving a car with a bad one. What Is A Catalytic Converter? The purpose of the catalytic converter is to reduce major … Read more

How Often Should The Fuel Filter Be Changed?

The fuel system is one of the main components of a modern car. A fuel filter, whose main function is to clean the fuel (gasoline and diesel) before it is fed into the system, ensures the proper functioning of the system. Below we’ll discuss everything you should know about the lifespan of your fuel filter … Read more

What Happens If The Car Engine Coolant Is Low?

Cooling is a solution necessary for the stable operation of the car (the task is to cool the engine and heat the interior). Below we will explain the questions regarding what will happen if the coolant is low and everything you should know about it What happens if the coolant is low? The coolant level … Read more