What Is Average Transmission Fluid Change Cost?

Transmission fluid is a necessary component of your car’s transmission, responsible for cooling and lubricating the system. Over time, dirt and other debris can contaminate it, necessitating a change. But how much does a transmission fluid change cost? On average, transmission fluid cost ranges between $125 and $500. Expect to pay between $300 and $500 … Read more

Rack and Pinion Replacement Cost

If you love the ease and speed that comes with the power steering, then you understand why the moving parts behind it are so important. However, like any other parts of a car, the rack and pinion mechanisms are susceptible to issues that may require replacement. So how much is it to replace the rack … Read more

Automatic Transmission Repair Cost

The automatic transmission is a critical component of a vehicle that transmits power from the engine to the wheels, enabling you to drive your car. When this part stops working correctly, you have to fix it as soon as possible, or you may incur some costs. Automatic transmission repair cost ranges from $1300 to $4600. … Read more

Is CVT More Efficient Than Manual Transmission?

These days, more cars are using continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) in place of conventional automatic and manual gearboxes. Unlike other transmissions, CVTs don’t use gears and instead use a variable range of ratios to transfer engine power to the wheels. Does that make them more efficient than manual transmissions? CVT is more efficient than manual … Read more

Automatic Transmission Warning Light. How To Troubleshoot?

Multiple sensors in modern automatic gearboxes allow the computer to readily and precisely regulate things such as fluid level, fluid temperature, and overall transmission pressure. Because automatic gearboxes are incredibly costly to replace, it’s prudent you keep them in good working order. The automatic transmission warning light or gearbox warning light indicates a problem with … Read more

Automatic Transmission Have Grinding Noise When Put in Gear. How To Fix?

Automatic transmissions are impressive pieces of machinery. They can change gears smoothly and effortlessly, making it possible for drivers to focus on the road ahead. However, automatic transmissions sometimes encounter problems that make them produce grinding noise when put in gear. Automatic transmission grinding noise when put in gear results from low transmission fluid, clogged … Read more