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Honda CRV Transmission Problems? 14 Common Indicators

If you think you might have Honda CRV transmission problems, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you diagnose the issue so that you can proceed with confidence in your approach toward a fix. Any Honda owner will tell you this is an expensive problem to repair, with the average cost of repairs hovering … Read more

Toyota Sienna All Wheel Drive System How It Works

Anyone who is toting around people and things, whether it’s kids and groceries or musicians and instruments, wants a minivan that will stick to the road no matter what the conditions are on the pavement.  The Toyota Sienna all wheel drive system is unique. In fact, the Sienna is the only minivan that offers an … Read more

3 Transmission Slipping Signs That Are Easy To Identify

3 Signs Your Transmission Is Slipping. Transmission problems are more than just annoying; they can also be bad news for the vehicle as a whole. One such issue is when a car’s transmission slips between gears. Slipping can be challenging to notice at first, but there are signs you can look out for. The first … Read more

Troubleshooting Common Ford F150 Problems (Engine, Transmission)

Ford’s F150 is a popular truck model, and rightfully so. It has stood the test of time and proven itself in many different applications. However, the truck has a few known engine and transmission issues you must be aware of. Common issues regarding the Ford F150 truck include engine noises, weak acceleration, and rough idling. … Read more

Transmission Fluid Leaking From Front Of Car? – What’s The Cause? How To Fix?

You must never take a fluid leak lightly, regardless of where it comes from in your car. That’s especially true with transmission fluid leaks underneath the vehicle’s front. But what causes such leaks, and what can you do to fix them? A transmission fluid leak can occur due to failed seals and gaskets. Besides that, … Read more

Is Your Automatic Transmission Car Jerking? Here’s What Could Be the Problem

The transmission in an automatic car has plenty of moving parts and is continuously shifting gears. Despite that, it’s designed never to make noise or cause the vehicle to shake. So when the car jerks because of the transmission, that’s a problem requiring your attention. Your automatic transmission car is jerking because of a problem … Read more

Troubleshooting The Knocking Sound When Accelerating At Low Speed. What’s The Cause?

As a driver, you’ll often find that many car problems make themselves known by the sound that they make. For instance, a knocking sound that occurs while accelerating at low speeds is a clear sign of a problem. However, that sound could point to several issues, some more severe than others. Firstly, a knocking sound … Read more

All Types Of Automatic Transmission Fluid Explained

The modern automobile relies on a long list of different fluids, especially for its transmission system. However, there are several types of automatic transmission fluids (ATFs), and you must understand which one your car needs. Firstly, there’s the multi-vehicle ATF that’s designed for use in most vehicles. Cars with CVT transmissions, however, require a specially-formulated … Read more

The Truth About Transmission Additives: Do They Really Work?

The effectiveness of transmission additives continues to be a hotly-debated topic in the automotive world. While some people believe they’re practical, others think they’re useless or even harmful. So what’s the truth about them? Do they really work? Transmission additives really do work, but it’s essential to manage expectations. Firstly, no amount of additives will … Read more

The Consequences Of Putting Motor Oil In An Automatic Transmission

Motor oil offers plenty of crucial benefits when it circulates throughout your engine. Not only does it lubricate moving parts, but it also cleans the engine internally and prevents it from overheating. But unfortunately, that same oil is incredibly harmful when poured into an automatic transmission system. Pouring motor oil into an automatic transmission will … Read more