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What Do Loose Lug Nuts Feel Like While You’re Driving?

Lug nuts are small and easily overlooked components keeping wheels secured to your vehicle. But, unfortunately, they can come loose and cause plenty of problems. So, what does it feel like when you’re driving with loose lug nuts? Loose lug nuts will cause you to feel excess shaking and vibrating from your steering wheel. Besides … Read more

Bad Motor Mount Symptoms – And Should You Drive With Them?

The symptoms of bad motor mounts can range from mildly annoying, to downright impossible to ignore. This can include rattling, vibrating, or clunking noises. Motor mounts are composed of metal, rubber and filled with liquid depending on the design. They serve to keep the engine secure, and prevent the engine from unnecessary shocks or vibrations … Read more

Toyota “Not Ready To Drive” Light: 6 Things To Know

Owners of the ever popular Camry or Corolla fill up message boards with one question: What does the Toyota “Not Ready to Drive” light mean? To answer the question, let’s dig into it.  A Toyota “Not Ready To Drive” light message means the onboard computer system hasn’t checked every aspect of the emissions control system … Read more

How To Diagnose DODGE RAM 1500 Grinding Noise When Turning?

The Dodge Ram makes several normal noises while driving. However, a grinding noise that happens only when turning is a clear sign of a problem. So, how should you diagnose the issue? You can diagnose the grinding noise by recreating it and narrowing down the source. The noise can come from failed bearings, damaged hubs, … Read more

Dodge Ram 1500 Noise In the Front End – How To Diagnose? What’s The Cause Of the Problem?

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a powerful vehicle, but it relies on plenty of small, moving components to function correctly. You’ll find plenty of them at the front of the vehicle, from which those parts will make noise when they become faulty or wear out. Noises from the front end of a Dodge Ram 1500 … Read more

How To Park Uphill With A Curb? 5 Tips For Parking Uphill Like A Pro

Parking on a hill can be tricky. No matter how good your brakes are, there’s always the tiny chance of them failing, sending your car rolling back down the hill. Thankfully, there are other ways you can secure your vehicle when parked on a slope, especially if there’s a curb. Trying uphill parking with curb? … Read more

Troubleshooting The Knocking Sound When Accelerating At Low Speed. What’s The Cause?

As a driver, you’ll often find that many car problems make themselves known by the sound that they make. For instance, a knocking sound that occurs while accelerating at low speeds is a clear sign of a problem. However, that sound could point to several issues, some more severe than others. Firstly, a knocking sound … Read more

Difference Between Hill Hold And Hill Assist

When you shop for cars, you’ll be bombarded with the names of many different driver-assistance features. Some common ones these days include Hill Hold and Hill Assist, but what are the differences between those two? Hill Hold and Hill Assist features perform the exact same task. They are designed to keep the car stationary for … Read more

Why Your Car Jerks When Slowing Down and How to Fix It?

All cars produce a bit of vibrating when you drive them, and that’s usually not a problem. However, if your car jerks while slowing down, that means you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. Your car jerks when slowing down because there’s a problem with the engine or the transmission system. The transmission’s valve … Read more