Seafoam Negative Effects: 5 Things To Consider

What is the truth about Seafoam negative effects? Seafoam is said to be one of the most reliable solutions for breaking up sludge, dirt, and keeping your engine clean. But did you know that there are some negative effects? We’ll explain what they are in a moment.  It’s a matter of debate whether or not … Read more

Car Temperature Gauge High, But Not Overheating? 4 Reasons

Temperature gauges are far more common in older cars since in those days engine cooling systems weren’t nearly as effective as they are now. The purpose of the temperature gauge is, obviously, to show you the temperature of your engine at any given time. Sometimes, however, temperature gauges can give erroneous readings for one reason … Read more

Bad Motor Mount Symptoms – And Should You Drive With Them?

The symptoms of bad motor mounts can range from mildly annoying, to downright impossible to ignore. This can include rattling, vibrating, or clunking noises. Motor mounts are composed of metal, rubber and filled with liquid depending on the design. They serve to keep the engine secure, and prevent the engine from unnecessary shocks or vibrations … Read more

Diesel Engine Derate: 4 Common Causes

Engine derate is an automatic safety precaution that temporarily reduces power output to protect and prolong the integrity of a diesel engine. If the ECU detects major faults in a vehicle’s emissions system, it can downregulate the amount of fuel injected into the engine. This drops the vehicle’s speed, and forces the driver to exit … Read more

Toyota “Not Ready To Drive” Light: 6 Things To Know

Owners of the ever popular Camry or Corolla fill up message boards with one question: What does the Toyota “Not Ready to Drive” light mean? To answer the question, let’s dig into it.  A Toyota “Not Ready To Drive” light message means the onboard computer system hasn’t checked every aspect of the emissions control system … Read more

Troubleshooting Common Ford F150 Problems (Engine, Transmission)

Ford’s F150 is a popular truck model, and rightfully so. It has stood the test of time and proven itself in many different applications. However, the truck has a few known engine and transmission issues you must be aware of. Common issues regarding the Ford F150 truck include engine noises, weak acceleration, and rough idling. … Read more