The Truth About Seafoam: Negative Effects

Seafoam is said to be one of the most reliable solutions for breaking up sludge, dirt, and keeping your engine clean. But did you know that there are some negative effects? We’ll explain what they are in a moment.  It’s a matter of debate whether or not Seafoam is safe to use on vehicles. Some … Read more

What Happens If The Car Engine Coolant Is Low?

Cooling is a solution necessary for the stable operation of the car (the task is to cool the engine and heat the interior). Below we will explain the questions regarding what will happen if the coolant is low and everything you should know about it What happens if the coolant is low? The coolant level … Read more

Why Does My Car Turn Off While Driving?

Sometimes your car can just turn off while driving for “no reason at all” when In fact, this behaviour has strictly defined reasons. As experience shows, in most cases, they are also quite simple. However, there are other, less common reasons, which are still found quite often in the automotive industry. Let’s talk about all … Read more