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Fuel System

Fuel System

Bad Fuel Pressure Sensor Symptoms

The fuel management system in your car consists of multiple sensors and modules that measure multiple data points to help your car run smoothly. It’s important that all of these sensors and modules function the way they’re supposed to. If even one of them fails it can have pretty noticeable effects on your driving experience. … Read more

How To Diagnose Dodge Ram 1500 Starting Problems?

The Dodge Ram 1500 is an excellent vehicle, but none of its strengths will matter if you can’t get the engine started. Like any other combustion engine, you can diagnose its starting problems by focusing on critical components like the battery, starter, and ignition switch. Your Dodge Ram 1500 will experience starting problems if its … Read more

Troubleshooting Dodge Ram Electronic Throttle Control Problems

An electronic throttle control system relies on sensors and other electronic components to function correctly. But when any part of the system malfunctions, a warning light or message will prompt you to troubleshoot the issue. The electronic throttle control system in a Dodge Ram can experience problems if the truck’s battery is weak, causing a … Read more

Chevy Truck Won’t Start But the Battery Is Good. What Else Could Be The Problem?

Like anyone else who drives a Chevy truck, you’ll likely check the battery first if the vehicle won’t start. But what happens if the battery is in excellent condition? Why else wouldn’t your Chevy truck start? A Chevy truck with a good battery won’t start if its starter motor fails. That will mechanically prevent the … Read more

What Are Positive & Negative Effects Of Adding WD40 To The Gas Tank?

WD40 is an all-purpose spray that helps maintain mechanical parts. However, many automotive enthusiasts online and in real life preach the benefits of adding it to a car’s gas tank. Before you follow their advice, consider the positive and negative effects of doing so. There are many claims that adding WD40 to your gas tank … Read more

What Happens When The Ignition Control Module Goes Bad Will It Not Allow Fuel?

The ignition control module is a component that regulates the ignition in an engine’s combustion chambers. As the name suggests, the module delivers power directly to the spark plugs at the correct moments so they can ignite the fuel and air mixture in their chamber. A bad ignition control module causes combustion problems like misfiring … Read more

Fuel Not Getting From Carb To Engine? What To Check And How To Troubleshoot It?

The carburetor is designed to prepare a fuel and air mixture to be sent to the engine. Once there, the mixture can be combusted to produce power and make your vehicle move. Unfortunately, none of that is possible if there’s no fuel getting from the carb to the engine. The lack of fuel between the … Read more