Does Changing Tires Affect Wheel Alignment?

There’s a common misconception that changing a car’s tires affects its wheel alignment. Part of that probably comes from how mechanics recommend getting a wheel alignment when changing to a new set of times. But does changing a tire affect its alignment? No, changing your tires does not affect wheel alignment directly. Any misalignment issues … Read more

What Is An Exhaust Leak?

Leaks and cars go hand in hand, mainly thanks to their reliance on many kinds of automotive fluids. However, never forget that combustion engine vehicles can also suffer from exhaust leaks that involve harmful gasses coming straight out of the engine. An exhaust leak happens anywhere on the exhaust system, between the manifold and the … Read more

Why Low Tire Pressure Negatively Affects Your Driving

A car in excellent working condition is critical for safety, performance, and comfort. But, sadly, many drivers still overlook how properly-inflated tires factor into all of that. Sure, most people know that low tire pressure can negatively affect driving, but how exactly? Low tire pressure can negatively affect your driving by undermining your car’s comfort, … Read more

Why Is A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Necessary?

Pre-purchase vehicle inspections are an optional task when trying to buy a vehicle. However, it’s crucial to do before you spend your hard-earned money, and it could save you a lot of trouble down the line. A pre-purchase vehicle inspection ensures that the seller you’re dealing with is honest. Besides that, it’s also necessary to … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Poor Fuel Economy of Your Car

Fuel prices keep rising worldwide, and that’s been making fuel economy a trending topic for car owners everywhere. Understandably, people are focusing on improving poor fuel economy so they can delay their next trip to the gas station. But is that possible? There are several ways you can improve the poor fuel economy of your … Read more

Check Fuel Fill Inlet Light Explained, and Fixed.

As far as warning lights go, the “check fuel fill inlet” light is one of the most prevalent error codes you’ll encounter while driving. Although the code can be triggered by a variety of problems, it’s usually nothing to worry about and can be fixed in a matter of minutes. That being said, though, it’s always … Read more

Faulty Tire Pressure Sensor (Signs & Causes & Fixes)

The tire pressure sensor (TPS) is responsible for measuring the pressure inside a vehicle’s tires and sending a signal to the onboard computer if the pressure falls below a certain level. The computer then uses this information to adjust the vehicle’s suspension and other systems accordingly. However, if the sensor is faulty, it may not send … Read more