Troubleshooting Dodge Ram Electronic Throttle Control Problems

An electronic throttle control system relies on sensors and other electronic components to function correctly. But when any part of the system malfunctions, a warning light or message will prompt you to troubleshoot the issue. The electronic throttle control system in a Dodge Ram can experience problems if the truck’s battery is weak, causing a … Read more

Will A Bad Starter Still Crank?

The starter motor in your vehicle is a small and often-overlooked component. However, it’s a critical part that cranks the engine so it can run. But if that starter motor goes bad, will it still crank, or will your car be immobilized? A bad starter might still crank, depending on the issue it’s experiencing. For … Read more

How To Diagnose/Check Bad Ground Connection On A Car and How To Fix It?

Your car has a complex electrical system that helps maximize comfort and performance. That system is connected to grounding points all over the vehicle’s body, and those ground connections allow electrical components to function correctly. Firstly, measure the battery’s voltage with a multimeter. Then, check the voltage at each ground connection to ensure they match … Read more

What Is A Float Charger? How It’s Different From A Trickle Charger?

There are plenty of different battery types on the market. Just the same, there are also different charger types, each with unique benefits. Float chargers, trickle chargers and multi-stage chargers; how are they all different? A float charger will keep a battery at 100% without causing an overcharging condition. That’s because it can sense when … Read more

4 Common Causes For Chevy Silverado Starter Problems

Your Chevy Silverado is an excellent, well-designed vehicle. However, that’s only true if you can get its engine started with the help of its starter. The starter is reliable, but it’s still prone to experiencing the occasional problem during its lifespan. 4 common causes trigger Chevy Silverado starter problems. First, the starter can fail indirectly … Read more