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Coolant System

Coolant System

Car Temperature Gauge High, But Not Overheating? 4 Reasons

Temperature gauges are far more common in older cars since in those days engine cooling systems weren’t nearly as effective as they are now. The purpose of the temperature gauge is, obviously, to show you the temperature of your engine at any given time. Sometimes, however, temperature gauges can give erroneous readings for one reason … Read more

Thermostat Stuck Open Symptoms

The thermostat is a small component in a car’s cooling system that plays a crucial role. It opens and closes, allowing coolant to flow and preventing the engine from overheating. But what happens when it gets stuck open, and how will you know it’s happening? You’ll know your car thermostat is stuck open when the … Read more

The Fastest Way To Cool Down An Overheated Car Engine

Engines produce plenty of heat inside their chambers thanks to the combustion process. Those high temperatures aren’t a problem under normal conditions because the car has a cooling system to keep things in check. However, your car engine can still overheat, and you must know how to cool it down quickly. The fastest way to … Read more

How To Prevent Air Bubbles From Getting Into Your Car’s Cooling System

A car’s cooling system ensures that the engine and other components do not overheat. After all, a combustion engine generates so much heat that it can destroy itself were it not for the cooling system. But, unfortunately, that system is put at risk when air bubbles find their way inside. You can prevent air bubbles … Read more

What Happens When Your Car Overheats?

As you’re driving down the road, you may suddenly notice the temperature gauge pointing to the H (for high). Also, your air conditioner may stop working, and there might be white smoke coming from the engine. Those are signs that your car is overheating.  When your car overheats, that means not enough coolant is getting … Read more