An Electrical System is an important part of any car. There are a large number of separate components in the electrical system of your car. These components control the equipment in your car; like electrically operated windows and side mirrors to starting the engine and charging your portable devices. These functions depend on the health … Read more

Why Car Lights Flicker And How To Fix It

Vehicle electronics are difficult to diagnose and repair, especially if several elements or connecting wires fail at once. However, a modern car without electronics cannot exist and the driver is obliged to keep it in good condition. If there is such a problem as flickering headlights, it is necessary to identify its cause as soon … Read more

Why Does My Car Turn Off While Driving?

Sometimes your car can just turn off while driving for “no reason at all” when In fact, this behaviour has strictly defined reasons. As experience shows, in most cases, they are also quite simple. However, there are other, less common reasons, which are still found quite often in the automotive industry. Let’s talk about all … Read more

How To Tell If a Car Battery Is Bad

Every part of the car has its own resources. This also applies to the battery. Over the years, the battery loses its characteristics, the battery capacity decreases, and it becomes more difficult to start a car in winter. However, some drivers may not pay attention to battery problems for a long time until you stop … Read more