Why Your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off and How to Stop It

Although a car alarm is designed to deter thieves and vandals, a damaged or malfunctioning system can repeatedly go off without cause, creating a loud distraction and leading to complaints from your neighbors and coworkers. In most cases, this is caused by a bad battery, faulty wiring, or a malfunctioning sensor. Whatever the cause, it’s … Read more

Does Chevy Bolt Have Fast Charging?

Chevrolet’s Bolt electric car is an excellent subcompact vehicle that’s gained much popularity in local markets. Part of the popularity undoubtedly comes from its affordability and its many well-liked features. But does this EV have fast charging? Yes, the Chevy Bolt electric car does have Level 3 DC fast charging capabilities. Charging at that level … Read more

Bad Charcoal Canister (Signs & Causes)

The charcoal canister—also known as the EVAP system—is an emissions control device used to capture gas vapors that escape from a vehicle’s fuel tank. The canister contains activated charcoal, which draws vapors into the engine, where they can then be burned to generate power. However, if the system fails, it can cause foul gas odors … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad Crankshaft Pulley

Have you ever considered the effects of a defective crankshaft pulley on your vehicle? Well, it goes without saying that they’re disastrous. When a crankshaft pulley fails (or the timing belt due to a badly maintained crankshaft pulley), the timing of the engine will completely thrown off. This in-turn will cause vibrations, irregular engine idles, … Read more