3 Transmission Slipping Signs That Are Easy To Identify

3 Signs Your Transmission Is Slipping. Transmission problems are more than just annoying; they can also be bad news for the vehicle as a whole. One such issue is when a car’s transmission slips between gears. Slipping can be challenging to notice at first, but there are signs you can look out for. The first … Read more

How To Diagnose DODGE RAM 1500 Grinding Noise When Turning?

The Dodge Ram makes several normal noises while driving. However, a grinding noise that happens only when turning is a clear sign of a problem. So, how should you diagnose the issue? You can diagnose the grinding noise by recreating it and narrowing down the source. The noise can come from failed bearings, damaged hubs, … Read more

Dodge Ram 1500 Starts But Won’t Stay Running – What Could Be The Problem?

A Dodge Ram can sometimes experience problems starting. That’s quite normal, as it affects all motor vehicles. However, it can be confusing when the truck starts but won’t stay running. So, what could be the problem here? A Dodge Ram 1500 that starts but won’t stay running is likely suffering from a failed alternator. However, … Read more

Dodge Ram 1500 Has No Electrical Power – How To Troubleshoot This Issue?

A Dodge Ram 1500 relies on electrical power for many things, especially to start the engine and keep the vehicle running. But electricity is also necessary to power the vehicle’s electrical and electronic devices and accessories. So, what do you do when the truck has no electrical power at all? When a Dodge Ram 1500 … Read more

Chevy Truck Won’t Start But the Battery Is Good. What Else Could Be The Problem?

Like anyone else who drives a Chevy truck, you’ll likely check the battery first if the vehicle won’t start. But what happens if the battery is in excellent condition? Why else wouldn’t your Chevy truck start? A Chevy truck with a good battery won’t start if its starter motor fails. That will mechanically prevent the … Read more

Transmission Fluid Leaking From Front Of Car? – What’s The Cause? How To Fix?

You must never take a fluid leak lightly, regardless of where it comes from in your car. That’s especially true with transmission fluid leaks underneath the vehicle’s front. But what causes such leaks, and what can you do to fix them? A transmission fluid leak can occur due to failed seals and gaskets. Besides that, … Read more

How To Diagnose/Check Bad Ground Connection On A Car and How To Fix It?

Your car has a complex electrical system that helps maximize comfort and performance. That system is connected to grounding points all over the vehicle’s body, and those ground connections allow electrical components to function correctly. Firstly, measure the battery’s voltage with a multimeter. Then, check the voltage at each ground connection to ensure they match … Read more

Troubleshooting The Knocking Sound When Accelerating At Low Speed. What’s The Cause?

As a driver, you’ll often find that many car problems make themselves known by the sound that they make. For instance, a knocking sound that occurs while accelerating at low speeds is a clear sign of a problem. However, that sound could point to several issues, some more severe than others. Firstly, a knocking sound … Read more