What Is Average Car Mechanic Labor Rate?

As a car owner, you may have had to take your car to the mechanic for some repair work. If you’ve ever visited different mechanics, the chances are that you paid different labor rates for the same job. As a result, you may have wondered: what is the average car mechanic labor rate?  The average … Read more

How Costco Has Such Low Prices on Gas?

As gas prices reach all-time highs worldwide, retailers like Costco and Walmart offer some of the lowest rates in the country. Costco, in particular, is known for selling gas at often hard-to-believe price points, which is what has gotten many car owners wondering: “Is this too good to be true?” Costco has low gas prices … Read more

How To Track a Car Location Online?

Whether you’re a business owner with company vehicles or a parent with a teen driver, there may come a time when you need to track the location of a vehicle. Luckily, there are many ways to do this online and on mobile devices. Track a car’s location online by using GPS tracking apps and devices. … Read more

Why Radiator Keeps Pushing Water Out?

You may have to figure out a dozen probable causes if your radiator keeps pushing water out. Instead of giving up, however, you’ll need to assess potential causation or correlation with any recent changes you have made to your vehicle, especially the radiator components.  A radiator may keep pushing water out due to a bad … Read more

Why Speedometer and Odometer Not Working?

When driving a vehicle, it’s crucial to know how fast you’re going and how far you’ve traveled, so if the speedometer and odometer aren’t working in your car, they need to get fixed and fast. However, if you’re not a mechanic, it can be difficult to determine why these functions aren’t working as they should.  … Read more

Why Car Speedometer Not Working?

There might be nothing scarier than looking down at your vehicle’s dashboard and seeing that, though you’re driving, your speed is at “zero”. Not knowing how fast you are going puts you at risk of speeding tickets, not to mention it might make you feel out of control when driving. Car speedometers do sometimes break, … Read more

Why Are Shock Absorbers Leaking?

Suppose your vehicle didn’t have shock absorbers—the car would bounce for a while after each bump or unavoidable hole on the road, making your ride extremely uncomfortable. Although they are necessary parts, one of the most typical faults with shock absorbers is leaking. Motorists often ask why their shock absorbers are leaking, and if they … Read more