4 Bad Brake Booster Symptoms – Causes & Fixes

Symptoms of a bad brake booster are generally easy to spot. The brake booster is an integral device that amplifies forces applied to the brake pedal. It is located within the power brake system, between the brake pedal and the master cylinder. If the booster stops working or becomes damaged, it can cause the brakes … Read more

What Happens When Brakes Overheat?

A car’s brake system is a critical component in its overall safety. Brakes generate friction to slow the vehicle down, naturally generating heat. Of course, a little heat is normal, but what happens when there’s too much, and the brakes overheat? You’ll first notice it in the brake pedal when your vehicle brakes overheat. The … Read more

Warped Brake Rotors (Signs & Causes & Fixes)

Brake rotors make up an essential part of your vehicle’s brake system, allowing the pads to grip onto a hard surface, bringing your vehicle to a complete stop. Due to constant friction created between the brake pads and rotors, though, the sturdy metal plates can progressively warp and deteriorate to the point that they no … Read more