5 Reasons Why Jumper Cables Melted

Most drivers know that it’s possible to jump-start a dead car battery by connecting it to another vehicle’s battery with jumper cables. But what happens when those jumper cables suddenly get too hot and melt? What could cause this, and how can it be avoided? While there are 5 reasons why your jumper cables melted, … Read more

How to Tell if Tires Are Directional?

Not sure if you have directional tires? Telling the difference between non-directional and directional tires is easier than you think! To tell if tires are directional, simply examine the outside sidewall. You should see an arrow indicating the direction that the treads face and either the word “Direction” or “Rotation.” If you know where to … Read more

Why Won’t My Windshield Washer Fluid Come Out?

The windshield washer system is very reliable and rarely breaks. But when it does, it is important to know how to deal with it. There can be many reasons why your windshield washer fluid won’t come out. But the most common reason is a cracked or clogged hose, which either decreases the fluid coming through … Read more

Does Alignment Affect Ride Height?

Getting an alignment is a regular part of maintenance for your vehicle, and it’s common to notice a few changes in your vehicle’s ride and performance after an alignment. Most of the time those changes are for the better, but it’s common to wonder if ride height might be affected by your most recent alignment. … Read more