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Chevy Truck Won’t Start But the Battery Is Good. What Else Could Be The Problem?

Like anyone else who drives a Chevy truck, you’ll likely check the battery first if the vehicle won’t start. But what happens if the battery is in excellent condition? Why else wouldn’t your Chevy truck start? A Chevy truck with a good battery won’t start if its starter motor fails. That will mechanically prevent the … Read more

Why New Alternator Makes A Clicking Noise? What’s The Cause And How To Fix It?

The alternator is undoubtedly a critical part of your car’s electrical system. It’s powered by a running engine using a belt, and its purpose is to generate electricity. That power is necessary to recharge the battery and help power the car’s accessories. A new alternator can make a clicking noise if it has a manufacturing … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Charge A Gel Battery?

Gel batteries offer plenty of advantages over other forms of batteries on the market. However, they have precise requirements for charging them correctly and safely. So, what’s the best way to charge a gel battery without damaging it? The best way to charge a gel battery is with constant voltage charging. That approach offers you … Read more

What Is A Float Charger? How It’s Different From A Trickle Charger?

There are plenty of different battery types on the market. Just the same, there are also different charger types, each with unique benefits. Float chargers, trickle chargers and multi-stage chargers; how are they all different? A float charger will keep a battery at 100% without causing an overcharging condition. That’s because it can sense when … Read more

How To Tell If Alternator Is Overcharging?

The alternator is a component powered by your car’s engine. Its main job is to keep the car battery recharged, so it’s ready to deliver the necessary cranking power to start your vehicle the next time. Unfortunately, it can cause an overcharging, silent, but potentially damaging condition. You can tell if your alternator is overcharging … Read more

4 Common Causes For Chevy Silverado Starter Problems

Your Chevy Silverado is an excellent, well-designed vehicle. However, that’s only true if you can get its engine started with the help of its starter. The starter is reliable, but it’s still prone to experiencing the occasional problem during its lifespan. 4 common causes trigger Chevy Silverado starter problems. First, the starter can fail indirectly … Read more