How To Identify What Engine My Car Has?

Cars have plenty of identifying features like their number plates and VIN numbers. But, while they help identify the whole vehicle, they don’t necessarily help to identify the onboard engine. So, how do you determine what engine your car has? You can identify what engine your car has with indirect and direct methods. Indirectly, you … Read more

How To Diagnose Spark Plug Problems?

Spark plugs are tiny components that fit inside your engine. Despite their size, they’re critical to the combustion process inside the engine’s chambers. When spark plugs don’t work correctly, the engine struggles to generate power reliably and smoothly. You can diagnose spark plugs by understanding their everyday issues and the symptoms that come with them. … Read more

The Fastest Way To Cool Down An Overheated Car Engine

Engines produce plenty of heat inside their chambers thanks to the combustion process. Those high temperatures aren’t a problem under normal conditions because the car has a cooling system to keep things in check. However, your car engine can still overheat, and you must know how to cool it down quickly. The fastest way to … Read more

3 Signs Of Overdue Engine Oil Change

An engine oil change is the most basic maintenance task for any combustion-engine vehicle. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who overlook this task by accident. Worse yet, some people think it’s unimportant and choose not to do it at all. Regular engine oil changes are critical for your car’s wellbeing. When the engine oil … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Poor Fuel Economy of Your Car

Fuel prices keep rising worldwide, and that’s been making fuel economy a trending topic for car owners everywhere. Understandably, people are focusing on improving poor fuel economy so they can delay their next trip to the gas station. But is that possible? There are several ways you can improve the poor fuel economy of your … Read more

What Happens if You Put Diesel in a Gas Car?

Accidentally putting diesel in a gas powered vehicle is an easier mistake to make than you might think. While diesel pumps are clearly labeled, they’re usually right next to the gas pumps. If a driver isn’t paying attention it’s not difficult to grab the wrong pump. So, what happens if you make this mistake, and … Read more