Does a Car Battery Drain Faster In Cold?

Winter can be harsh on your car battery, battery fluid can freeze, the engine will be hard to start, and your car might drain faster in cold. Even an expensive fully charged battery won’t be able to perform its best in cold temperatures. But that raises the question, does a battery drain faster in cold? … Read more

Can You Put a Different Size Battery In Your Car?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021 Modern cars nowadays have very tight size requirements regarding what vital components can be used. So what will happen if you put a different size battery in your car? Just like with any component or accessory, putting a different size battery can lead to a variety of issues on your car, but … Read more


An Electrical System is an important part of any car. There are a large number of separate components in the electrical system of your car. These components control the equipment in your car; like electrically operated windows and side mirrors to starting the engine and charging your portable devices. These functions depend on the health … Read more

Why Car Lights Flicker And How To Fix It

Vehicle electronics are difficult to diagnose and repair, especially if several elements or connecting wires fail at once. However, a modern car without electronics cannot exist and the driver is obliged to keep it in good condition. If there is such a problem as flickering headlights, it is necessary to identify its cause as soon … Read more