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Honda Civic vs. Accord


Honda Civic vs. Accord

Honda has a solid reputation for making well-built, reliable, and fuel-efficient cars, and two of the company’s most popular models are the Civic and the Accord. Each of them has its pros and cons depending on what you want out of your Honda vehicle. 

Both the Honda Civic and Honda Accord are reliable and safe vehicles, each with its unique technology and design features. The Civic has a lower price and gets better fuel economy than the Accord, while the Accord is roomier and has more tech features. 

Keep reading for an in-depth discussion of the differences between these models to get a better idea of which may be more suited for your lifestyle. 

Honda Civic and Accord: Similarities and Differences 

Both vehicles have a reputation for being reliable cars, but there are differences between the two that are essential to know before you buy either of them. 

The following table summarizes the similarities and differences between the 2022 Honda Civic and the 2022 Honda Accord. 

Area 2022 Honda Civic 2022 Honda Accord 
Design Seats five peopleFingerprint-resistant accents Mesh trim that hides heating and cooling vents 24.5 cubic feet (.69 cubic meters) of cargo space in hatchback model, 14.8 cubic-foot (.42 cubic meters) trunk in sedan model Seats five peopleRoomy second row High-quality interior 16.7 cubic-foot (.47-cubic meter) trunk 
Technology 7-inch (17.78-cm) touch-screen information and entertainment system Apple CarPlay Android Auto Navigation Satellite radio HD radio Voice recognition Wireless device charging 8-inch (20.32-cm) touch-screen information and entertainment system Smartphone app integration Apple CarPlayAndroid AutoNavigation Satellite radioHD radio WiFi hot spot Head-up display Wireless device charging 
Safety Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the highest rating of “Good” 2022 Top Safety Pick Honda Sensing safety technologyInsurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the highest rating of “Good” 2022 Top Safety Pick Honda Sensing safety technology 
Fuel Economy 31 MPG (13.18 KPL) city40 MPG (17 KPL) highway 35 MPG (14.88 KPL) combined  30 MPG (12.75 KPL) city 38 MPG (16.16 KPL) highway 33 MPG (14.03 KPL) combined 
Price Sedan starts at $22,350 Sedan upper trims range from $23,100 to $28,300Hatchback starts at $22,900Hatchback upper trims range from $24,100 to $29,850 
Overall price range: $22,350 to $29,850
Base price is $26,120Midrange trim levels range from $27,930 to $31,790Accord Hybrid Touring starts at $37,190
Overall price range: $26,120 to $37,190

Let’s discuss these differences in greater detail. 

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The Civic and the Accord are similarly built. Both vehicles can seat five occupants, though they have different dimensions. In terms of the exterior size, the Accord has a longer wheelbase and is longer and wider than the Civic. The Civic’s smaller size makes it easier to maneuver, especially for beginner drivers. 

The two models are also similar in terms of front headroom, legroom, and shoulder room, but the Accord has a much roomier second row than the Civic. If you’re looking for a family car or offer a ride-sharing service, the Accord may be the more comfortable option for your passengers to spread out and have enough space.  

The Civic and the Accord both have relatively large trunks in the sedan models, but the Accord has more space than the Civic. However, the Civic hatchback models have impressive cargo space, so if you want that extra room but don’t want to pay an Accord price, I suggest checking out the Civic hatchback models. 

Finally, the interior of the Accord is made of high-quality materials that are soft to the touch. In contrast, the interior of the Civic is made with cheaper materials that may not be as comfortable or attractive. 

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Both the Civic and the Accord offer the following features: 

  • A touch-screen information and entertainment system 
  • Navigation 
  • Satellite radio 
  • HD radio 
  • Voice recognition 
  • Wireless device charging 
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto 

However, the Accord has a few more features than the Civic — most notably a head-up display and a WiFi hotspot. Additionally, the touch screen for the information and entertainment system in the Accord is one inch (2.5 cm) bigger than the Civic, at eight inches (20 cm) to the Civic’s seven (18 cm). 

The head-up display projects an image onto the windshield of a car, just beneath the driver’s line of sight. This means the driver doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road to see what their information and entertainment system is displaying, including essential details like speed limits and navigation instructions. 

A WiFi hotspot is useful for passengers in the car, especially since mobile coverage is unstable when moving quickly in a car on the highway. The hotspot can also ensure that online navigation remains connected during long road trips. 

A larger infotainment system screen is useful because users won’t struggle as much to see the screen or navigate the buttons, which ultimately makes the system safer overall. 

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The Honda Civic and the Honda Accord are equally safe cars. They both received the highest safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.   

Additionally, both models are equipped with the Honda Sensing technology suite. The suite contains the following features: 

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System. This system provides brake pressure when something is detected in front of the vehicle. 
  • Road Departure Mitigation System. This system registers if you cross lanes without signaling first and then adjusts steering and braking accordingly. 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control. This cruise control maintains a set amount of space behind vehicles in front of yours. 
  • Lane Keeping Assist System. This feature automatically adjusts your steering to help you stay in a lane. 
  • Traffic Sign Recognition. The car can keep the driver updated on posted speed limits using a small camera.  

Because of these features, the Honda Civic and the Accord are among the safest cars to drive. 

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Fuel Economy 

The Honda Civic has a 2.0-liter (.53-gallon) four-cylinder engine, which returns great fuel economy at 31 MPG (13.18 KPL) in the city and 40 MPG (17 KPL) on the highway. On the other hand, the Accord gets good fuel economy, but not as good as the Civic. Accord drivers can expect 30 MPG (12.75 KPL) in the city and 38 MPG (16.16 KPL) on the highway. 

Therefore, if you’re planning on doing a lot of highway driving or putting some serious miles on your car, the Civic is the better option to save money over the long term.  


The base price of the Honda Accord is more than $3,500 — more than the starting price of the Honda Civic. While the Accord comes with a nicer interior, more room, and a few more technology features, this price difference is significant. 

Here are the official starting prices for various Civic and Accord models on Honda’s website in order from the lowest price to the highest price:

Car Model and Build Starting Price 
2022 Civic Sedan LX $22,350
2022 Civic Hatchback LX $23,350 
2022 Civic Sedan Sport $23,750
2022 Civic Hatchback Sport $24,550
2022 Civic Sedan EX$25,350 
2022 Accord Sedan LX $26,120
2022 Civic Hatchback EX-L $27,050 
2022 Civic Si Sedan $27,300 
2022 Accord Sedan Hybrid $27,320 
2022 Civic Si HPT Sedan $27,500
2022 Accord Sedan Sport $28,580
2022 Civic Sedan Touring $28,950 
2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring $29,850
2022 Accord Sedan Sport Special Edition $30,070 
2022 Accord Sedan Hybrid Sport $30,670 
2022 Accord Sedan EX-L $32,440 
2022 Accord Sedan Hybrid EX-L $33,640 
2022 Accord Sedan Hybrid Touring $37,190

Therefore, if you have a tighter budget, a Civic model is probably more attainable for you than an Accord. You may not get as many technology features or as much room as in an Accord (not to mention the interiors aren’t as impressive), but the Civic is still a decent, safe, and reliable car considering its price. 

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Final Thoughts

Both the 2022 Honda Civic and Honda Accord are great cars, and they have a lot of similarities. However, the Civic is more affordable and gets better fuel economy than the Accord. On the other hand, the Accord has a nicer interior design, more technology features, and more space than the Civic. Ultimately, the right car for you depends on your priorities, budget, and lifestyle, and it’s hard to go wrong with either of these vehicles.

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