Max Smith

Does Chevy Bolt Have Fast Charging?

Chevrolet’s Bolt electric car is an excellent subcompact vehicle that’s gained much popularity in local markets. Part of the popularity undoubtedly comes from its affordability and its many well-liked features. But does this EV have fast charging? Yes, the Chevy Bolt electric car does have Level 3 DC fast charging capabilities. Charging at that level … Read more

Chevy Truck Won’t Start But the Battery Is Good. What Else Could Be The Problem?

Like anyone else who drives a Chevy truck, you’ll likely check the battery first if the vehicle won’t start. But what happens if the battery is in excellent condition? Why else wouldn’t your Chevy truck start? A Chevy truck with a good battery won’t start if its starter motor fails. That will mechanically prevent the … Read more

Transmission Fluid Leaking From Front Of Car? – What’s The Cause? How To Fix?

You must never take a fluid leak lightly, regardless of where it comes from in your car. That’s especially true with transmission fluid leaks underneath the vehicle’s front. But what causes such leaks, and what can you do to fix them? A transmission fluid leak can occur due to failed seals and gaskets. Besides that, … Read more

4 Benefits of Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation – Why It’s Important?

Wheel alignments and tire rotations might not rank as the most essential car maintenance tasks to many drivers. However, they’re just as crucial as other servicing tasks like changing your oil or replacing your brake pads. But why are they so important? Wheel alignments and tire rotations share many common benefits despite having a slightly … Read more

What Happens When Brakes Overheat?

A car’s brake system is a critical component in its overall safety. Brakes generate friction to slow the vehicle down, naturally generating heat. Of course, a little heat is normal, but what happens when there’s too much, and the brakes overheat? You’ll first notice it in the brake pedal when your vehicle brakes overheat. The … Read more

Will A Bad Starter Still Crank?

The starter motor in your vehicle is a small and often-overlooked component. However, it’s a critical part that cranks the engine so it can run. But if that starter motor goes bad, will it still crank, or will your car be immobilized? A bad starter might still crank, depending on the issue it’s experiencing. For … Read more

How To Diagnose/Check Bad Ground Connection On A Car and How To Fix It?

Your car has a complex electrical system that helps maximize comfort and performance. That system is connected to grounding points all over the vehicle’s body, and those ground connections allow electrical components to function correctly. Firstly, measure the battery’s voltage with a multimeter. Then, check the voltage at each ground connection to ensure they match … Read more