Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Going Off?

The safety of the vehicle directly depends on the reliability of the car alarm system. if the alarm starts to go off from time to time without the participation of the vehicle owner, you should immediately determine the reasons for the abnormal operation and proceed to their immediate elimination. Why does the car alarm keep … Read more

Why Is My Car Overheating When Idle?

With the onset of warm days, many automotive owners have problems with the engine overheating when idle. This problem can overtake anyone. Therefore, all car drivers should know what causes the engine to overheat and how to cope with this task. How to tell if the engine is overheated The following signs tell the driver … Read more

How To Reset Check Engine Light

Initially, this light gave you information about problems with the carburetor, but now that cars are equipped with full-fledged onboard computers, the message can indicate various malfunctions. For example, the “check engine” error can report problems with the quality of the air-fuel mixture or ignition failures, as well as many other things. Messages can be … Read more

How To Tell If a Car Battery Is Bad

Every part of the car has its own resources. This also applies to the battery. Over the years, the battery loses its characteristics, the battery capacity decreases, and it becomes more difficult to start a car in winter. However, some drivers may not pay attention to battery problems for a long time until you stop … Read more

Can Bad Transmission Damage The Engine? What Are The Symptoms?

Although a bad transmission can “possibly” damage the engine there really isn’t anything that could do so. Normally it’s the opposite way. The engines are much tougher than the transmissions, and the transmissions usually fail well before the engine fails. What are the symptoms of a bad transmission? Gears Don’t Change: Believe it or not, … Read more