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Who Is Responsible For A Windshield Crack On A Rental Car?

Renting a car these days involves a lot of optional fees. While there’s no doubt that some of those fees are completely unnecessary, others might be crucial for protecting you and your wallet. For instance, if the rental car’s windshield cracks, who’s responsible for it? The person responsible for a rental car’s cracked windshield depends … Read more

How To Make Windshield Wipers Stop Squeaking?

Wiper blades have the very straightforward responsibility of removing water, snow, and anything else obstructing your view of the road. They typically operate silently, though sounds like squeaking can occur and signal that there’s a problem. You can make your windscreen wipers stop squeaking by wetting the windshield before turning them on. Besides that, cleaning … Read more

What To Do If Your Car’s Hood Won’t Open?

Countless folks around the world often suffer from having a jammed vehicle hood. A blocked hood prevents you from inspecting your car’s engine area, which makes timely maintenance or repairs difficult. In other words, there is no means to replace the washer fluid or check the oil level, let alone diagnose an engine problem. In addition to the remedies … Read more

Front Bumper Repair Cost

A front bumper is an essential component of your car. Aside from protecting you and your passengers in the event of an accident, it protects the hood, grill, and other expensive parts of your vehicle. Without your bumper, you’d risk damaging other costly components should another car collide with yours. Front bumper repair typically costs … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Windshield Without Insurance?

Damage to your windshield can not only prevent you from seeing well to drive but it can also decrease the roof’s integrity. That can mean the roof could collapse if you are in a rollover accident.  Windshield replacement can cost between $100 and $401 without insurance. It could cost $1,500 or more on a collector … Read more