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Troubleshooting The Knocking Sound When Accelerating At Low Speed. What’s The Cause?

As a driver, you’ll often find that many car problems make themselves known by the sound that they make. For instance, a knocking sound that occurs while accelerating at low speeds is a clear sign of a problem. However, that sound could point to several issues, some more severe than others. Firstly, a knocking sound … Read more

Why Your Car Jerks When Slowing Down and How to Fix It?

All cars produce a bit of vibrating when you drive them, and that’s usually not a problem. However, if your car jerks while slowing down, that means you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. Your car jerks when slowing down because there’s a problem with the engine or the transmission system. The transmission’s valve … Read more

5 Symptoms Of Low Water In Car Battery. How To Refill?

Despite the prevalence of maintenance-free car batteries on the market, many people still use more conventional wet batteries. In simple terms, these are batteries that you have to maintain by topping them up with battery water. But how do you know when that water runs low? Low water levels in a car battery will manifest … Read more

5 Common Causes of Transmission Delayed Engagement

A car’s transmission is meant to channel the power generated by the engine to the vehicle’s wheels. Also, it must switch gears quickly based on your input at the transmission stick. When it takes too long to respond to your input, that’s called ‘delayed engagement’. Delayed engagement is when the transmission takes too long to … Read more

Why New Alternator Makes A Clicking Noise? What’s The Cause And How To Fix It?

The alternator is undoubtedly a critical part of your car’s electrical system. It’s powered by a running engine using a belt, and its purpose is to generate electricity. That power is necessary to recharge the battery and help power the car’s accessories. A new alternator can make a clicking noise if it has a manufacturing … Read more

What Causes Spark Plugs To Get Wet With Oil Or Gas?

Spark plugs are critical components in an engine’s combustion process. They are designed to deliver sparks that ignite the fuel and air mixture inside. However, the portion inside the chamber can sometimes get covered with oil, while the outer part can get wet with gas. When spark plugs get wet with oil or gas, it’s … Read more

Car Has A Sticky Transmission? What’s The Cause And How To Fix It?

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, a car’s transmission is one of the most critical systems onboard. You can quickly tell when there’s a transmission problem just by feel. For example, you’ll know the transmission is problematic when it feels sticky shifting gears. A sticky transmission is caused by the system’s low or … Read more

How To Fix Negative Camber On Front Wheels?

Negative camber is often seen as a modification to make street racing cars look cool and perform better around corners. However, it can also happen on your front wheels due to a worn-out or broken part. So, how do you fix negative camber on front wheels to prevent them from causing worse problems? Negative camber … Read more

How To Gut A Catalytic Converter Without Removing It?

The most common approach to hollowing out a catalytic converter is removing it entirely from the vehicle. Still, some car owners would prefer doing that without removing it from the car. But is that possible? Yes, you can gut a catalytic converter without removing it from the vehicle. You’ll have to raise the vehicle high … Read more