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Why New Alternator Makes A Clicking Noise? What’s The Cause And How To Fix It?

The alternator is undoubtedly a critical part of your car’s electrical system. It’s powered by a running engine using a belt, and its purpose is to generate electricity. That power is necessary to recharge the battery and help power the car’s accessories. A new alternator can make a clicking noise if it has a manufacturing … Read more

Car Has A Sticky Transmission? What’s The Cause And How To Fix It?

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, a car’s transmission is one of the most critical systems onboard. You can quickly tell when there’s a transmission problem just by feel. For example, you’ll know the transmission is problematic when it feels sticky shifting gears. A sticky transmission is caused by the system’s low or … Read more

What Are The Causes Of Chevy 5.3 Lifter Tick Noise? Can It Be Fixed?

Chevy 5.3 engines typically make a consistent humming sound when in excellent condition. That’s why you’ll know there’s a problem when you suddenly hear a ticking noise coming from one or more of its lifters. Thankfully, the problem can be fixed if you troubleshoot it early. Chevy 5.3 lifter tick noises are caused by worn-out … Read more

What Happens When The Ignition Control Module Goes Bad Will It Not Allow Fuel?

The ignition control module is a component that regulates the ignition in an engine’s combustion chambers. As the name suggests, the module delivers power directly to the spark plugs at the correct moments so they can ignite the fuel and air mixture in their chamber. A bad ignition control module causes combustion problems like misfiring … Read more

What Causes A Steering Wheel To Be Off-Center? How To Correct It?

Steering wheels are supposed to be perfectly centered, especially when driving in a straight line. However, there are circumstances when the steering will be off-center, forcing you to constantly adjust it to ensure that your car is indeed driving straight. A steering wheel becomes off-center when there’s a problem with the vehicle’s suspension system. That … Read more