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Rear Bumper Repair Cost


Rear Bumper Repair Cost

The rear bumper on your car is something you likely do not think about often, but it is an integral part of your car. When you get rear-ended or in another type of accident that damages your rear bumper, you will have to replace it. So, how much does it cost to repair rear bumpers, and does it differ depending on the car’s model? 

Rear bumper repair costs between one hundred and one thousand dollars. If your paint is chipped, the repair is lower, and if you need dents, scratches, or cracks repaired, the cost is higher. Repair for luxury cars, backup cameras, sensors, and replacement bumpers can cost two thousand or more dollars. 

This article explains when you need to repair a rear bumper and when you need to replace it. Then we detail how much it costs to repair a rear bumper and how the cost can vary for different car models. 

Cost of Rear Bumper Repair

The cost to repair a rear bumper usually varies from one hundred dollars to just under one thousand dollars depending on the extent of the damage. 

If the paint is the only issue and you want to fix it, it will only cost you a couple hundred dollars. Prices usually range from one hundred to three hundred dollars depending on the shop and the car. Getting the bumper repainted is the cheapest option. 

If your car’s rear bumper is scratched or dented, it will cost you more to repair it. Depending on the dent or scratch size, you should expect the repair cost to be between three hundred and eight hundred dollars, with more significant scratches and dents costing the most. 

The cost is even higher if you have broken sensors or a camera. Depending on the number of sensors and the type of camera on your car, the repair or replacement cost is between one thousand and two thousand five hundred dollars. 

The cost is significantly higher for replacing a rear bumper. Once you add up the price of the new bumper and the extra labor costs, a fresh part could cost you around two thousand dollars for a standard car. 

While you should not expect it to, insurance may cover the cost of your rear bumper repair, depending on the reason for the damage. 

If your bumper is just old and needs a replacement due to everyday wear and tear, your insurance probably won’t cover the cost. 

However, if you were in an accident and you or the person at fault in the accident has collision insurance, the cost of your bumper repair may be partially or fully covered by the insurance company. So, always file a claim when you get in a bumper-bender!

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Rear Bumper Repair Cost Examples by Model

As we have discussed, different cars can have additional rear bumper repair costs. So, let’s look at a couple of examples in this section to understand better the prices and how they fluctuate. 

First, we will look at a compact sedan with one of the lowest bumper repair costs at only a few hundred dollars. 

Standard vehicles manufactured in your country are almost always the cheapest to repair, whether we’re talking bumpers or engines. Models from Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru vehicles fall within this category in the USA. 

In this video from Kyle Climaco on YouTube, he explains how much it costs to fix some scratches and chipped paint on a Subaru WRX: 

Luxury cars have the highest bumper repair costs, usually falling in the $1,000 to $2,000 range for a replacement. That’s because they are made of more expensive materials, to begin with. In addition, the repair and replacement parts take longer to get, and you may need to pay a higher labor cost for someone who knows how to fix the specialized car.

So, luxury vehicles from makers such as Lexus, Audi, Tesla, and BMW cost more to fix. In addition, imported cars such as Volkswagens have high repair costs since most repair shops will have to import new parts (and that costs money!). 

In this YouTube video, Billion Dollar Twin explains the cost to repair his Tesla. It was thousands of dollars to fix his severely damaged bumper. 

You can get a bumper protector if you are worried about your bumper getting rear-ended, especially when parked. 

The BumperBadger HD Edition Rear Bumper Guard on Amazon goes on your car with truck straps, and it will absorb any damage done to your bumper when it is rear-ended. It is forty-six by twelve inches (116.8 x 30.5 cm) for maximum protection, and it can withstand any weather. 

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When You Need To Repair Your Rear Bumper?

The most common reason for needing rear bumper repair is after being rear-ended, but you should get it repaired if your bumper is scratched or dented, no matter why it happened. 

Getting your bumper repaired is easy and will not take long when you take it to a repair shop or dealership. 

It would be best to have a full, working rear bumper on your car because the rear bumper is there to absorb the impact of accidents. Without the bumper, other more important parts of your vehicle are subject to more damage if someone hits you (or if you hit someone else!). 

If your car’s rear bumper is significantly damaged and you need to get it repaired or replaced, you should drive your vehicle as minimally as possible. 

If you get into another accident or get rear-ended again without a sturdy bumper, your car will get severely damaged. Without protection from a bumper, your vehicle is vulnerable to more damage. So, if you can, leave it at the repair shop or at home until you can get it repaired. Otherwise, it could end up costing you more. 

Something else you need to consider when repairing your rear bumper is any camera or sensor technology. If you have a backup camera or sensors that alert you of lane lines or other alerts when you are on the road, you may need to get these replaced too. 

While these are not necessary parts of a car or bumper, they are great safety features that can help prevent future accidents. Also, if you are used to having them, you will miss them if you do not get them fixed when you get your bumper repaired. 

Getting your bumper technology fixed will add more to the cost, but it is worth it for safety and convenience. 

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When You Need To Replace Your Rear Bumper?

Sometimes, just repairing your bumper is not enough, and you need to replace it entirely. If your bumper is falling off of your car, it is not in one piece, or part of it is missing, you need to replace it. 

Sometimes cracks in a rear bumper also necessitate a replacement. It depends on the size of the crack, though, since a repair shop can fill in some small spots before they get too big. 

Bumper replacement costs more than bumper repair because of the cost of the new bumper. It also takes longer to install a new bumper than just repairing your current one, which means higher labor costs. 

Bumper replacements also take more time than just a repair. Sometimes the shop will need to order you a new bumper, which can take anywhere from one day to more than a few months if you have a specialty car. 

Once the bumper arrives at the shop and your car is there, it should take between one day and one week to install the bumper on your vehicle. 

It costs more to replace your bumper than repair it, but you need to replace it if it is in bad shape. Otherwise, your car is susceptible to more damage. 

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Final Thoughts

Repairing a rear bumper typically costs under one thousand dollars, and it depends on if you are getting paint, scratch, or cracks repaired. Bumper repair costs are higher for luxury cars and cars with sensors and cameras as an added safety feature. 

If the damage is terrible, you may need your rear bumper replaced. The cost to replace a rear bumper costs around two thousand dollars because the new bumper and labor costs are higher than a bumper repair.

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