What Is the Best Anti-theft Device for a Car?


An anti-theft device for your vehicle offers several advantages besides protecting your car. One of the best benefits is you can get a deduction on your auto insurance for having an anti-theft device. 

Many vehicles come with an anti-theft device but some car owners want additional peace of mind by buying their own. Manufacturer devices include GPS trackers, vehicle recovery systems, and audible alarms. Additional anti-theft devices include steering wheel locks, tire locks, and subscription services. 

Some of the best add-on devices include the Club and Oanon Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw.

Read on to find out what is the best anti-theft device for a car.

The Best Anti-Theft Devices


The top pick for an anti-theft device for a car is a GPS tracker. This will allow you to follow your car’s location by using your smartphone. Some give you information by texting while others will send a text or email alerts when your car is in motion. 

Some high-end trackers allow you to immobilize your car should someone attempt to steal it. 

Many cars today have some sort of GPS tracker from the manufacturer but only high-end cars have this advanced level of protection. You can buy one and initiate a subscription to activate. Many run between $40 and $100 to buy. 

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Recovery Systems

Many car models, especially the more expensive ones, come with a vehicle recovery system that helps in recovery once you report it to law enforcement. Cars are found by police sending radio signals through a special computer, which activates the recovery system. 

However, you can buy one of these systems for around $700. You can get an alert add-on that alerts you when your car is moved without a key pass but that will cost another $995. 

Auto Alarms

Almost every car comes with an audible alarm and these can vary on make and model. Some sound when someone tries to open a door while others sound when the car is touched.

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Kill Switch

You can install a hidden kill switch that cuts electricity at the ignition to prevent theft. These are cheap at $10 but you will need a mechanic to install one. 

The Locks

There are many locks that experts say work well to prevent theft and are affordable. These include brake locks, car wheel clamps, and steering wheel locks. Brake locks cost around $50 while car wheel locks can range between $30 and 470. Steering wheel locks will cost around $20. 

Experts list products from two companies, Winner International and NRG Innovations, as some of the best on the market. These include The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock, the Club CL606 Brake Lock Anti-Theft Device, and Oanon Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw. 

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The Club

This is noted as the best overall anti-theft device you can buy. It is dependable and comes in bright red to deter thieves. It’s simple to put on your steering wheel and lightweight so anyone can handle it. 

The Club Brake Lock

This device attaches to the brake pedal or clutch and prevents the car from driving or stopping. It only weighs four pounds and only takes minutes to install. It locks from the back of the pedals to the wheel. It takes keys to unlock it. 

The only flaws are it may not fit all cars because of brake pedals’ size or distance to the wheel. Unlocking it can be challenging because of the angle. 

The Tire Claw

This is a tire clamp, often used by law enforcement in tow zones, is a good choice if you have an extended stay or will be leaving your car outside while away from home or at an airport. It is bright yellow so it makes for a good deterrent.


Anti-theft and safety subscriptions abound with one of the most reputable ones being OnStar. There is a monthly fee for that service and any service you subscribe to with most coming out automatically as monthly payments. 

One of the positives about a subscription service is that it includes crash detection and most have live monitoring. That means you can call if you feel unsafe or have an accident.

The cost can be anywhere from $30 and up depending on the service and the plan. 

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Remote Devices

Remote locks work well to fight theft. With these devices, a car owner connects the remote to their mobile phones. This will notify you if there is a problem. 

However, a remote lock is convenient as it allows you to do lock your car from your phone if you forget are unsure.

Thieves can’t unlock your car with a remote lock because of the security includes. Some high-end cars come with these but you can also purchase one. The basic locks will cost around $200.

Security Keys

Security keys or smart keys are different from normal keys. These keys use a radio pulse generator to lock the car using antennas inside the car.

The signal is different every time they are used so even techy hackers can’t crack the lock. Some new cars come with smart keys but you can also have your mechanic install one for your car. Prices may vary depending on the key and your vehicle.


What if I lose the keys to my anti-theft device?

You will need to call the manufacturer. Typically, you will need to order a new device. You will need to call a locksmith if the device is on your car. 

Do I need an additional anti-theft device if I have a security system that comes with the car?

Those with security systems or a car alarm are effective in alerting you to a possible theft but an additional anti-theft device can also deter thieves. 

Can I really get a discount on my insurance for having an anti-theft device?

Yes, but it depends on your insurance company. You will need to ask if you can qualify for a discount, what makes you eligible and the amount of discount you will receive. 

How can I stop someone from stealing my car?

Besides using anti-theft devices, there are some best practices to prevent car theft. Keep your vehicle locked, even during a drive. Never leave your keys in the car and never leave your car running and unattended. 

Hide your valuables from public view and never leave your vehicle title in your car. 

Can thieves get past a steering wheel lock?

Professional thieves can break a steering wheel lock to steal a car by either cutting the steering wheel or cutting the device. However, this takes some skill and time and many would-be thieves aren’t up to it. 

Do wheel clamps work?

Wheel clamps make it harder for thieves to steal your car and will deter many of them from trying. 

How do I prevent someone from stealing my rims?

The two best ways to prevent someone from stealing your rims are tire locks and car alarms that alert others whenever someone touches your car. 

Tire locks, or boots, can damage some tires but act as a marvelous deterrent, especially if you are going to be parked for a long period of time.

Other things you can do are park in a well-lit, high-traffic area and park close to the curb.

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