How To Troubleshoot Honda Accord Transmission Problems?

The transmission in your Honda Accord plays a crucial role in the car’s performance. So, you must troubleshoot and resolve any transmission problems quickly before they worsen. First, identify the issues affecting your Honda Accord transmission. You can do that by using onboard diagnostics to check for fault codes or by looking for symptoms. Those … Read more

Service AdvanceTrac Warning Light

Although some check engine lights are self-explanatory, Ford’s service AdvanceTrac warning is unique to the brand and relates to a range of possible problems. If your vehicle suddenly issues this light, it indicates that one aspect of the complex AdvanceTrac system has failed. To figure out the exact issue, you’ll have to take your vehicle … Read more

How To Troubleshoot and Fix Loose Gear Shifter?

Shifting gears in an automobile should be a smooth experience, but occasionally one may notice that the gear shifter is loose. When the shifter bushing wears out, the gear shifter feels loose. Driving a car with a damaged shifter cable is quite dangerous. An automobile with a damaged shifter cable won’t be able to switch … Read more

What Is Average Transmission Fluid Change Cost?

Transmission fluid is a necessary component of your car’s transmission, responsible for cooling and lubricating the system. Over time, dirt and other debris can contaminate it, necessitating a change. But how much does a transmission fluid change cost? On average, transmission fluid cost ranges between $125 and $500. Expect to pay between $300 and $500 … Read more

Rack and Pinion Replacement Cost

If you love the ease and speed that comes with the power steering, then you understand why the moving parts behind it are so important. However, like any other parts of a car, the rack and pinion mechanisms are susceptible to issues that may require replacement. So how much is it to replace the rack … Read more