Automatic Transmission Have Grinding Noise When Put in Gear. How To Fix?

Automatic transmissions are impressive pieces of machinery. They can change gears smoothly and effortlessly, making it possible for drivers to focus on the road ahead. However, automatic transmissions sometimes encounter problems that make them produce grinding noise when put in gear. Automatic transmission grinding noise when put in gear results from low transmission fluid, clogged … Read more

What Does a Slipping Transmission Feel Like?

Do you have a slipping transmission? You’re not alone, as many people don’t know when their car starts exhibiting these symptoms. But what does a slipping transmission feel like? A slipping transmission feels like your car is surging between gear changes, or you feel nothing at all when you press the accelerator. When your car … Read more

Why Automatic Transmission Slipping When Hot?

When your automatic transmission slips, it could be due to one or more problems, such as mechanical, electronic, or both. Also, some pre-existing issues can aggravate when a vehicle’s engine and automatic transmission get hot. So, let’s discuss why your automatic transmission is slipping when hot.  Automatic transmission slipping when hot may be due to … Read more

Why Car Won’t Start in Neutral?

Cars are supposed to start when they are in park or neutral gears. They will not start when the gear is in drive or another gear due to safety features within the transmission. However, a car that won’t start in either park or neutral could signal a serious problem.  The most common reason why car … Read more

Bad Speed Sensor Symptoms

Cars these days are equipped with a myriad of different computers and sensors. Most of the time, these components are very helpful and allow the ECU (engine control unit) to help the car run smoothly and efficiently. However, if one of these sensors stops working for whatever reason, it can greatly affect the performance of … Read more