My Opinion About Straight Pipe Exhaust: Pros & Cons


When tuning your engine it is always a certainty that your car will require a better exhaust than the stock one, as the exhaust will simply not push gasses fast enough.

Below I provided information most people ask about a straight pipe exhaust and the pros & cons of it

Why Would You Need a Straight Pipe Exhaust?

When designing any car, the designers take into account the amount of exhaust gases produced by the engine and based on this create the engine exhaust system with the required capacity.

When you start modding your car for increased horsepower, many parameters change, including an increase in the amount of gases produced.

The standard exhaust system will not be able to cope with the task, so more exhaust gases will simply “choke” the engine.

Therefore to satisfy the need for a powerful engine, a straight pipe exhaust was made. Almost all components are changed.

And as a result, gasses are removed much faster allowing for more powerful engines.

Now about the sound, more precisely where it comes from. In general, the reason for the strong noise effect in internal combustion engines is the high speed of exhaust gases.

And to reduce it, the exhaust system design uses a muffler.

Its main task is to reduce the speed of these gases as much as possible. In fact, this element is designed like a maze for the gas, after the passage of which, the speed of its movement is significantly reduced, and thus reduces the noise.

The use of larger diameter pipes and a straight-through muffler or a just a straight pipe exhaust, which does not have this maze strcuture, leads to the fact that the speed of gas movement does not decrease (this is exactly what is needed to ensure that the cylinders are well ventilated), which means that the system will be louder. Hence the saturated low-frequency sound.

What About The Straight-Through Muffler?

The straight-through muffler has a mineral wool padding, which very effectively dampens high-frequency noise.

Low-frequency noises fly by without any obstacles, which leads to such low bass roar. It is especially felt inside the cabin.

By design, a straight-through muffler is similar to a resonator one, but it differs in that a sound-absorbing material is located between the body and the pipe with holes, usually basalt wool.

There is a mesh barrier between the pipe and the wool, which prevents wool from being blown out with the flow of exhaust gases.

The sound of the exhaust roaring depends on the size, packing material, and the number of holes in the exhaust.

Even so, the retention time of the wool fibers determines the life of the straight-through muffler. And corrosion of metal housing does not play a big role.

When its service life expires, the straight-through muffler starts making sounds like an empty bucket ringing.

There is also an opinion that the straight-through muffler exhaust affects the engine power ONLY in sports cars.

In your typical car, they do not affect any engine parameters but are only used for tuning purposes.

The straight-through muffler itself won’t make your car have more horsepower, and is added when your standard exhaust system cant handle the tuned car)

How much horsepower does a straight pipe exhaust add?

There isn’t a straight answer. The hp of your car depends on many parameters If you want to install a straight pipe exhaust in the hopes of getting more horsepower but that’s the only thing you’ve tuned in your car, then that’s a not a very good use of of your money and time, the exhaust itself won’t make your car magically more powerful.

if you would like to achieve efficiency, do everything in a comprehensive manner. This includes replacing the catalyst with a more efficient one, and modernized the fuel system. From this, you can get twenty percent, or even more.

The main thing is to approach tuning correctly. Also, its better to buy high-quality components instead of the usual ones.

How Much Does a Straight Pipe Exhaust Cost?

If you’re thinking of installing a straight pipe exhaust you should leave it up to professionals because it requires welding, which is something that most people aren’t capable of doing. In terms of price, it shouldn’t cost that much. 

The components involved with installing a straight pipe exhausts are often just a few hundred dollars, and installing a straight pipe exhaust will typically take just a few hours of labor at most.

This is intended to keep the expenditures on the low side. But it’s worth remembering that everything from the type of vehicle you have to the particular parts you need to purchase might have an effect on the final price.

For some people, it is not unusual to install straight pipe exhaust systems that cost well over 1000 dollars.


1. Increased Performance

This is the biggest reason you would consider getting a straight pipe exhaust because it  maximizes the efficiency of the engine.

This exhaust reduces the engine’s “backpressure”, allowing exhausts to flow more easily and enable the engine to operate without obstructions.

It increases fuel efficiency and a little more energy efficiency. The pipe size is imporant, so don’t go and buy your car’s a thick pipe.

To get the optimum performance of your vehicle, you must have a thorough inspection from a professional mechanic

2. Engines True Sound

The straight pipe exhaust system reveals the engine’s real sound. The car sounds raw and pure because there are no constraints like a muffler. But you will have to think twice before deciding to turn on your car at night

3. Aesthetics

There’s just something appealing with having a straight pipe exhaust that makes you stand out from the crowd, especially if it has a chrome finish, and especially if its a twin or even a quad setup. There’s also a rumor that listening to phonk will instantly make your car 20% more powerful 😉


1. Often Extremely Loud

Most people are aware of its loudness, and might not be a con for you, either way, a straight pipe exhaust is often extremely loud, in fact so loud that it might not even be legal in your state or even country, so remember to check your local policy on vehicle loudness.

That’s why most enthusiasts with a straight pipe exhaust usually only use it on a racetrack. So if you’re fortunate enough to have a race track in your town, go ahead and give it a ride with all your newly added power.

2. Increased Emissions

Your car produces gasses and fumes when functioning, that gas needs to go somewhere, but if there no catalyst or exhaust pipe, the gasses will be very bad for the environment.

With the case of a straight pipe exhaust, they have no “maze” and no catalyst (or a sport one) to convert harmful gasses to less harmful ones.

If you remove a catalytic converter from your car’s (or have a sport one) it will no longer be practical for the environment, because any time you drive your car, there will be too many emissions.

3. Expensive

A straight pipe exhaust does not come cheap, so you should be willing to expect to spend a lot of cash on it.

In most cases, the whole exhaust system is modified and you rarely spend less than $1,000 on the pipes themselves if you’re using high-end pipes.

And if you buy the components and do the work yourself (which is tougher than it looks because it requires welding), it will still cost thousands to get it done.

4. Harder To Sell The Car

If you’re planning on reselling your car in the future, it’s a smart idea to skip the straight exhaust pipe and leave it normal.

Since it is illegal in most countries, you will need to remove straight pipe exhausts before you can sell the car.

And if you happen to find someone who’s fine with the setup, they’re probably going to give you less cash for the car, since they’re going to have to replace everything.

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